Facilitation at Arts and Humanities Research Council Commons Event

I was over the moon to be asked to take part in the Arts and Humanities Research Council ‘commons’ event as a workshop facilitator. This was both my first paid piece of work in this area and my first workshop as a facilitator working with a group of adults. The opportunity came from my wonderful mentor Cath in conjunction with the International Centre for Arts and Narrative (iCAN). We were tasked with making the wonderful iCAN latte into a tiny espresso shot to share with professionals.

On the 21st of June we were placed in the ‘collaborate’ zone at AHRC Commons. Our set up included many paint colour swatches.

In this workshop we used the story of Dido and Aeneus. We told the tale and asked the group to split into pairs, retell the story and pick one paint swatch which they felt fitted a theme in the story. I asked the participants to write in each box one word, thus creating a six word story on the swatch. They were then asked to develop the six word story into a six line poem.

I really enjoyed being at AHRC commons and hope the professionals enjoyed our facilitation. We got some great poems and six word stories. It’s strange to think that it wasn’t so long ago that I was having fun writing on swatches myself and now it is a workshop!