Artwork at The Hearing Voices World Congress in Boston USA.

Last week, completely out of the blue, I found out that mine and the other Listen Up! participants’ artworks had travelled all the way to the Hearing Voices World Congress in Boston USA! The work was exhibited there to an audience of delegates from all over the world.

It is exactly a year since I created the mirror pieces that are very personal to me. It feels so strange that the work that means so much to me and my past has been to a country I only ever see on television. Pride doesn’t do the feeling justice, it’s more a sense of complete awe that it has made it all the way over there.

I received lots of lovely tweets and messages from delegates viewing my work which really put a smile on my face. Again thank you to the Hearing Voices DU team and @literarti who went out with the pieces.


More blogs from the project can be found here.

A stand with smaller models in a big, modern, space. Listen up project information is behind the stand. The work on easles in silhouette in front of a floor to ceiling window. There s a woman looking at the pieces also in silhouette.

Two of my pieces, the smashed mirrors, in a row of works on golden easels.

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