Hearing Voices, Making Art.

Yesterday I went to Artlink Leeds to work with Hearing the Voice to make some artwork for their exhibition. It was really nice to see everyone again and to have the materials to create the ideas I had jotted into my sketchbook during the last session.

I had decided to make some pieces using mirrors, which Mary kindly sourced along with hammers, a hot glue gun and some funky green and pink canvases. First I smashed the mirror. I was provided with eye goggles (Mary not wanting to deal with the paperwork of blinding a blind girl even more) and set to work smashing. It felt very therapeutic.

“Hey Mary? Isn’t this what they call REFLECTIVE PRACTISE?!” Get it? Because it’s a mirror? Ba-bum!


Once I had broken them in a way that was aesthetically pleasing, and had come to terms with my 14 years of bad luck to come, it was then a case of merrily sticking the pieces down. They weren’t too sharp as most of the main mirror was plastic, but I wore gloves anyway,


The really good thing about being in this project is that you also have the opportunity to talk with people who know what having voices is like. Many conversations started with: “Is it just me or…” and lots of giggles were had. One of the facilitators, Rai, has her own voices was really useful to talk to because she has been in the same situation and got through the other side.

The text to go on the canvases didn’t take too long. Inside one of the cracks on the green canvas I wrote my favourite Groucho Marx quote: “Blessed are the cracked, for they let in the light”. The other canvas I wrote in chalk pen across the glass: “The pieces stay together because they have to. They don’t work together quite the same though. We are all still me. We just got splintered into other things too”. I honestly don’t know where it came from but it sums up my situation quite well.


I was really pleased with the finished pieces but was sad to say goodbye to everyone again. I really hope we meet up again soon, but this time it will be when our work is ready to be shown to the world!

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