Only The Following People Should Vote…

It is finally the day of the general election. Not that this will be news to you; the election is everywhere. It is in my humble opinion that only certain people should vote, so I have taken the time to make a list of the demographics which I believe should go out and vote today.

The list goes as follows…

  1. People who complain
  2. People who don’t think there is anything to complain about. 
  3. Women
  4. People who have ever encountered women and care for their rights.
  5. Men
  6. The employed
  7. The unemployed
  8. The religious
  9. The non-religious 
  10. People with skin of any colour
  11. Homeowners
  12. Those who want to be homeowners in the future
  13. LGBT+ folk
  14. Those who care for the rights of LGBT+ folk
  15. Those who really don’t care for the rights of any minority group
  16. People not planning on emigrating within the next five years
  17. People who, if the result goes against their opinion, will emigrate sharpish.
  18. New citizens
  19. Young people
  20. Pensioners
  21. Middle aged people
  22. People with disabilities 
  23. People with long term illness
  24. Those who hope they won’t develop a disability or long term illnesses
  25. NHS service users
  26. Parents
  27. Teachers
  28. Those who have ever been taught by teachers
  29. People who have an opinion of any kind
  30. People who complain about the ‘youth’ of today
  31. People who worry about the ‘youth’ of tomorrow
  32. People who think human rights are pretty cool
  33. People who like the current government
  34. People who hate the current government
  35. Those who have ever shuddered at the actions of a dictator on the news. 
  36. The people who say their votes don’t count
  37. The people who say they are all idiots anyway (you need to choose the best of a bad bunch)
  38. People who don’t understand
  39. People who think they understand
  40. All UK Citizens over the age of 18. 

Don’t fit in any of these categories?

Don’t bother. 


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