My God You’re Alive

Our bodies are relics
With sand between our toes
And dirt under our finger nails.

Our hearts are cherry stones sprouting into trees beneath the ground,
Spreading beautiful bloody roots that beat with the cacophony of existence.
But yet when we close our eyes we just see black.
Red is nature’s warning,
But here there is nothing to fear.

We are made from the water our mothers drank to ease the morning sickness.
The water in the sinks our grandfathers cleaned their razors in.
A whole whale has swum in our veins.
Cleopatra bathed in our wrists.

We are made of water and we exist to make waves
We make ripples and sometimes we sink
But that’s okay because water has a way of coming back around.

Our bodies are the sweetest of relics.
Made from a kiss.
Eighty percent water and when you run into the ocean you are alive.
You are a tsunami sealed by skin.
And you are alive.
My God you are alive.


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