But We’re All Rare Anyway – A Response to World Rare Disease Day

Today is a day for the very very rare.
…Oh wait a minute.
Blatantly we should just bin it.
Stop boasting your rarity as a Facebook share.
Don’t you dare.
Listing diseases like shopping lists.
When everyone has a pulsar in their wrists.

Now don’t get me wrong,
I don’t mind a day for the specific.
“Let’s make X disease prolific”
Raising funds for research,
To shift us from this perch.
Where we are well enough to have a life worth posting,
But health wise we are basically just coasting.

I have my own share of disease,
So please don’t see me as cold hearted.
Nothing would make me happier than every disease being outsmarted.
But I think we all need to be aware,
That diseases are not cured by just clicking ‘share’.
Please do support those who suffer,
But remember other people also have it rougher.

If it’s not a disease it’s a syndrome,
A condition or an abnormality,
Or no money in our purses and all the other pains of humanity.
No clean water to drink
Doesn’t it make you think?
We are all in our own way infected,
Not just those who are genetically selected.

A death in the family or a missing parent,
A lingering thought,
Or a trauma in which you were caught.
It’s not just a surgeon’s scalpel that leaves scars,
We can all only burn on the fuel we’re given- like stars.
We are all special and unique,
And we’ve all seen troughs and at least one peak.

So diseased body, mind, life or nothing at all.
Today is a day to be simply and utterly human. And so is tomorrow.
We are all brilliantly and secretly dealing with whatever bad cards we are given from the pack.
So respect everyone’s pain:
Don’t compare it.
Don’t belittle it.
You are all the most beautiful of creatures.


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